Our company conducts “online sales and limited in time” pursuant to Article No. 5 of the Act of 20 July 2011.

The law of 20 July 2011 states that brokerage transactions through online auctions are defined by the lack of better bidders and by the third party involvement in the description of the goods and the realization of the sales contract; there is therefore no form of auction procedure according to the above French law.

At the end of the bidding process, the transfer of ownership is not automatic. Buyer and seller are free to set their own sales contract. The Buyer and the Seller are not bound by any kind of obligation. The buyer offering the highest bid is free to retract and Seller also remains free to give or not his property on his property.

Throughout the bidding process, the buyer can withdraw his offer on an item until the very last second.

For the duration of the offer, the Seller meets all the questions addressed to him.

The items for sale are owned by our company unless otherwise stated. Such articles may also belong to a third party. In this case, the name, address and / or contact the seller clearly appear with the description or Articles. Seller personally written description of the items it sells. The Seller shall in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned above.

The seller in direct contact with the buyer, cash payments and handles the shipping of items sold.

Our sales platform is provided by Invaluable LLC (38 Everett Street Suite 101 Boston, MA 02134).

For any questions regarding the operation of the sales platform (fashion to bid withdraw a bid to create an “alert”, etc …), you should check out the “Help” published by the site valuable. com and click the link http://www.invaluable.com/invaluable/help.cfm

In case of dispute, our company is committed and dedicated to all efforts to reach an amicable agreement. In case of non-compliance with the law and the French justice system will be the only applicable and jurisdiction to determine the dispute in question.


A buyer’s premium of 29% is due and added on top of the final offer.


The seller ships the item when paid in full at the request of the buyer. shipping costs are detailed in the “delivery conditions”.

The seller makes a good invoice to the buyer.

The auction will be conducted by representatives of the auctioneer to Experantic. Unless otherwise indicated, Experantic acts as agent on behalf of the seller. The good sales contract is signed between the seller and the buyer.

The auctioneer has the sole discretion and authority at any time to determine the winner of the auction or to withdraw any lot or lots from the sale or réoffrir and resell any lot, all in its sole discretion, including, but not limited to, prior to the auction, during the auction and the auction. Buying an item is legitimate only when the auctioneer drops his hammer and announces a participant card number in the room or in writing bidder or a bidder by telephone or internet . Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is the sole discretion of the auctioneer reopen a lot and / or cancel a sale. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid.

The prices listed in the catalog are estimated prices of the lots. These prices are estimates normally different minimum prices. A sale will be made only to the minimum or higher price, all at the discretion of the auctioneer. If, in the opinion of the auctioneer, an opening bid is below the reserve lot, it may withdraw the lot of the sale. Following an opening bid, the auctioneer may reject other offers if, in his opinion, the advance is not sufficient.

All lots are sold “as is”. Neither the seller nor Experantic express warranty does not give or implied of any nature whatsoever as to the description, attribution, literature, the former owners, period, origin, condition and / or the framework for lots offered at auction. No mention in the catalog or the sale or invoice or bill of sale given to buyers will be considered as such a guarantee. All bidders are responsible for reviewing the book, condition and authenticity before bid. It is important and recommended to examine all items before bidding.

The condition reports and catalog entries should be used for informational purposes only by the buyers. Before bid, bidders must personally inspect the lots. Following the auction, if the bidder has questions about the authenticity and want to show the work to a recognized expert (acceptable Exper Antic), the object must be paid in full and the buyer must arrange (at its cost) to show the work to the expert and receive a response within 30 days of the date of sale. Advance arrangements must be made with Exper Antic to allow the payment to be retained by the seller. If the expert says that painting is not authentic, Experantic refund the money paid for the lot (less fees) provided that the confirmation of the lack of authenticity is received within 30 days of the sale. For the avoidance of doubt, after 30 days Exper Antic will have no liability.

All potential bidders must register to bid by completing all required application forms and providing proper identification. Experantic reserves the right to request bank details and / or other financial references. When registering, potential bidders will receive a paddle number, which will serve as identification in case the participant is the most successful bidder of a lot of the sale. The buyer, it is present in the auction room at the time of sale or bidding in writing or by phone, either for himself or for third parties, irrevocably undertakes to pay for the item and accept it. The auctioneer and / or Experantic may take all necessary measures to achieve the commitment, that is to say, forcing the winner to pay the fees, bank interest and / or ownership of the index inflation, to bring benefits to retain the items the buyer has purchased or left in bilge society, to deduct the debt of any sum of money Exper Antic is the winner.

Experantic accept absent without additional cost offers. Attached is a form allowing buyers can not be present at the auction to make their offers. With this form, potential buyers allow representatives Exper Antic to represent them at the auction for the benefit of the purchase and / or contact them by phone to enable to bid in the auction by telephone . This service is offered at no additional charge beyond the buyer’s premium as shown below. An offer may be revoked in any form is a purchase obligation. We will take all reasonable steps to treat the offer, but will have no liability if, for some reason, an offer was not treated.

The auctions are conducted in euros. Payment must be made in EURO. Differences may occur. Exper Antic not responsible for such errors.

Unless otherwise indicated, all items are offered subject to a reserve price. This reserve will not exceed the low estimate. The reserve price is the minimum price for which the item will sell and is confidential. The auctioneer may open bidding on any lot by placing a bid on behalf of the seller. The auctioneer may also bid on behalf of the seller up to the amount of the reserve by placing successive or consecutive bids for a lot or by placing bids in response to other bidders.

The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer is the buyer. All lots must be paid and recovered later than 3 business days after the auction. The special expenses, including, without limitation, shipping and shipping insurance, special packaging, messengers, etc., shall be borne by the buyer. It is the responsibility of the winning bidder to ensure the purchase within three days of the sale. If the highest bidder wishes, he may inform Exper Antic to ensure the work on his behalf and at his expense.

Payment will be accepted in these mansions: Stripe and WireTransfer. All banking charges for transfers, both those of the buyer as of Experantic, are borne and paid by the buyer.

The buyer is responsible for all local taxes if any, including, without limitation, VAT, sales tax, customs duties and VAT on imports, etc. For items to collect and / or deliver in Europe, local laws on VAT apply. For more information, contact us.